More than coffee and food…we restore hope.

Community Matters Café is an extension program of Charlotte Rescue Mission, an addiction recovery program that offers its 120-day recovery program free of charge. Recognizing that graduates of the recovery program needed additional support to secure long-term employment, Charlotte Rescue Mission launched the Life Skills Program at Community Matters Café in 2019.

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Students in the six-month Community Matters Cafe Life Skills Program tackle topics such as adhering to a schedule, financial responsibility, and healthy ways to cope with conflict and stress while managing their recovery.

“I just couldn’t ask for a better place. God was there with us, each and every day.”


By coming in for a great cup of coffee, enjoying a farm-to-table meal, or hosting your next business meeting in our fully appointed private meeting room, you are playing an important part in our program. When you visit us, you are not only reinforcing the essential life skills our students are learning, but you are showing them that they have a community that believes in their future.

Community Matters

Wanting to leave a lasting legacy in Charlotte, Community Matters Insurance Partners of Charlotte invested $1,000,000 to help Charlotte Rescue Mission develop the 100-year-old building into a functional restaurant. Beyond providing the capital we needed to get started, they also gave us our name, reminding us everyday that community happens through partnership.